Raised in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado, I always had a great appreciation for the beauty of the land surrounding me, and learned the beauty of capturing it on film as I watch my dad, and older brothers always with camera in hand.

After high school, I left the Valley and joined the Marine Corps, where I worked as a Press Information Person, honing my skills as a photojournalist.  Learning how to think fast on your feet, and capture the moment, the second of action that was happening all around, and telling the story in that single image.   I continued with a photojournalist career after the military, working for civilian newspapers, and as a civilian reporter for the miltary, until I became pregnant with my first child.   Then I decided it was time to slow down, and leave the fast paced environment of photojournalism, and became interested in documenting the lives of my children.

Now, my older children are grown with children of their own, and my youngest is soon to be out of high school.  The past few years I have found myself wanting to explore the more artistic side of photography, the creative area of conceptual photography, as I have always loved telling stories.  

I also have found that I love Fine Art Portraiture, being able to take a portrait, and through post processing to go one step further, to create a piece of art to be cherished for generations to come.